Day Tripper Dispatches

Subscriber Raves
  • “It was an obvious choice to contact you. We were going to put together a list of activities that we found on our own for our grant project, but you have already done it!” – Bonnie Payne & Michael Watson, Activate Arlington
  • I am at the playgrounds in town a lot with young children and have mentioned your pamphlet to other parents and told them where they can buy it. I think it’s terrific and saves parents/grandparents the stress of having to look everything up separately. – Chris Graves, Arlington
  • ROCK ON! at Garden in the Woods is a fantastic outing with small kids! The paths are very easy for little ones and looking for the sculptures throughout make for a fun game. The interactive sculpture building area was also a lot of fun. – Amy Speare, Arlington Family Connection
  • “Just wanted to say WOW! The email blast [last Dispatches] you sent out was absolutely fabulous! Thank you so much for including me in the email list.” – Lisa Traxler, Arlington

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