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Tide Pooling at Wingaersheek

Dear Dispatches: Recently, we visited Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester, MA, about 40 minutes from 2/128 up on the North Shore. The weather was great and it was low tide, which is perfect at this beach because there are tons of really cool tide pools to play around in. The kids, even the small ones, had a great time in the extended stretch of shallow water off the beach. On the way back we stopped for some fried whole clams and scallops in Essex. The lines were long, but it was worth it. – Stacey Sao, publisher of Boston Central

Editor’s Note: We recommend getting to Wingaersheek early or late for close-in parking ($20 weekdays; $25 on weekends; $15 after 3; free after 5), or bring an extra adult for dropoff so small children don’t have to walk too far.

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I grew up in this area and there is a few more beaches for the tidal pooling set – Check out: All In Rockport: Loblolly cove – perfect tidaling spot for seaglass, shells and quiet contemplation (my house is the old Inn on the hill! :)Pebble Beach – down from Loblolly -a favorite, calm beach for scuba divers and rocky discoveries.Long and Cape Hedge Beach for sandy beach fun!Great Blog!

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