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Botanical Delights in Acton

The Day Tripper Divas recently rediscovered that Acton Arboretum, near the town’s center, is an easy place to take a stroll and get a beautiful botanical education. Choose from the Orchard Loop, the Wildflower Loop, or the Highland/Bog Loop; and/or take a picnic and visit the nearby nursery. Enter via Wood Lane, Minot Avenue, or Taylor Road. Information is availalble at the website or by calling the arborists at 978-264-9631. The site is in Acton, about 15 minutes from 2/128. Many pathways are wheelchair/stroller friendly, and the Arboretum is working on making more trails accessible.

Low-Carbon Road Trip

Have you ever wanted to drive across the country? A New England Roots & Shoots Youth Leadership Council member’s family is doing just that – on biodiesel fuel! Here’s a passage from their blog: “This summer we are planning a cross-country activism trip to see as many of the National Parks and the lands across America as we can before they are permanently impacted by the effects of climate change. Along the way, we will be visiting as many organic cafes, farmers markets, “green” yoga studios, biodiesel stations and sustainable businesses as possible to include in our video documentary.” Stay tuned for more about this amazing trip!

Roots & Shoots New England is now a Day Tripper Dispatches sponsor! Click here to learn more about Roots & Shoots, the international youth organization founded by renowned primate researcher and environmental activist, Jane Goodall.

Discover the Forest on Drumlin’s New Trail

Drumlin Farm‘s new Forest Discovery Trail is a favorite with younger children, reports Banks Poor of Mass Audubona fact confirmed by my own daughter, who is attending Explorers Camp for incoming 2nd graders there this week. This interactive trail through the famous Red Pine Forest lets visitors explore the forest as one of the animals. You can get a hawk’s-eye view of dinner, build a gnome home, and cozy up in a giant bird’s nest. The trail habitat is a unique change of pace from the farmyard and a wonderful place for nature lovers of all ages to hike, explore, and learn more about the forest and the animals who inhabit it. – by Charlotte Pierce

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Art Goes Wild! at Garden In The Woods

Garden in the Woods’ ART GOES WILD! exhibit runs daily through October 31, 2007. The site-specific environmental art installation features eleven “Destination Gardens” by W. Gary Smith, and celebrates 75 years of New England Wild Flower Society’s Garden in the Woods. Live demonstrations and exhibit are included with admission.

  • July 28: Demo “Best Native Plants for Fall Color”
  • July 29: Family series “Les Julian and Color Outside the Lines”
  • Aug 6, 10 am: Live Animal Show “Owls of New England”
  • Aug 26: ART GOES WILD Meadow Madness festival
  • Aug 11, 5:30 pm: ART GOES WILD Twilight Music Series with D’Rafael of Gitano
  • Sept 15, all day: Gardener’s Day Festival
  • Oct 14, 12-4 pm: Fall Family Festival

“WILD” gift purchases, native plant purchases, and memberships support the Society’s plant conservation programs. Click here for Exclusive Garden in the Woods Dispatches Coupon

‘Tripping Into Plimoth

Early one morning this week, I traveled down Route 3A in Plymouth on my way to Manomet to have breakfast with [some friends]. This is a Saturday morning ritual . . . it’s a time for us to connect, share ideas and talk about the books we’re reading and the places we have been during the week. After a hearty breakfast at The Three Sisters, by 8:45 I was traveling north on 3A when I saw the sign for Plimoth Plantation. Although I knew that as a Massachusetts teacher, admission would be free, I chose not to go in the Visitor’s Center and check in. Instead, I took the winding staff path past the Visitor’s Center to the Wampanoag Homesite. Though it was fun watching the young women in the Pilgrim costumes and imagining being a young maiden wearing layers of long skirts, but I’m glad I live in the 21st century! – adapted from a contribution by Elizabeth Mills Evans of Gather (see Golfing for Crabs)

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Golfing for Crabs

Netting crab on a small brook that runs into Cape Cod Bay this week yielded some improvement in her golf swing as well as 20 tasty crabs, said Dispatches reader and Gather member Elizabeth Mills Evans While her friend Laurun snapped photos, Elizabeth said she “got into the swing” of it and started to “feel like an old pro.” After enjoying crab salad the first day, she was inspired to write up another recipe:

Crab & Rice Casserole

INGREDIENTS: 1 cup cooked rice; 6 to 8 oz. crab meat; 5 hard-cooked eggs; 1 C. mayonnaise; 1/2 Tsp. Worcestershire sauce; grated onion; 1 6 oz. can evaporated milk; pinch of tarragon. DIRECTIONS: Mix all ingredients. Put in buttered shells or casserolle dish. Sprinkle with Parmesan. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until bubbly.

“While I was crabbing, Laurun took these pictures of this ‘old pro’ with my camera,” noted Elizabeth. View more photos and read about our upcoming Compleat Day Tripper: Cape Cod & South Coast edition.

Greener ‘Tripper Transport
July 3, 2007, 5:05 pm
Filed under: biking, public transportation, sustainability

Back by popular demand from the green-travel crowd are a couple of sites that Dispatches readers discovered last year for determining how to get from point A to point B via train, bus, boat, foot, bike, roller blades – or all of the above! You can plan HopStop trips in Boston – and New York, Washington D.C., San Francisco, and Chicago. The MBTA’s “Trip Planner” is a great tool for getting around Metro Boston and the suburbs, too.

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