Day Tripper Dispatches

How to Like a Monadnock Hike

Monadnock is a great climb – the 3rd or 2nd most climbed mountain in the world, they say. (Weekdays are more ‘tranquil’ as a result). I’ve hiked it to the summit twice. My daughter and wife made it most of the way up and then we decided to take another trail back down, but it doesn’t get harder as you go – the difficulty level for 5-8 year olds is ‘moderate to a lot’ but fun, I would say. This is due to the scrambling up and down that you do. I wouldn’t take them on a day when rain threatens, because a lot of the trail is scrambling over rocks and you don’t want water pouring over those when feet are trying to get a good foothold – and would recommend you take children that you feel comfortable supervising, since the last thing you need is a daredevil kid bounding ahead and not taking his/her time on the rocks. – by Carl Wagner, Bishop “Green Bees” Roots & Shoots parent

Click here for a good photo tour of Monadnock hiking.

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