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Schooner Sailing in Gloucester
November 11, 2008, 10:54 pm
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When you visit Gloucester, consider a two-hour sail on the 65-foot schooner, the Thomas E. Lannon. Kay Ellis and family built the boat from scratch about 10 years ago. “We went out into the woods, cut the trees down, and went from there, but that’s another whole story,” says Kay. sail on the Lannon can be the highlight of a trip to Gloucester! Check for seasonal availability on the website or call 971-281-6634.

Battleship Cove, Part I
November 8, 2008, 9:21 pm
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Battleship Cove boasts the world’s largest exhibit of naval warships. Located in the shadow of the Braga Bridge in Fall River Massachusetts, the World War II battleship USS Massachusetts stands at the centerpiece of an exhibit that also includes a WWII submarine, and two ships from the Cold War era.

As a kid, my grandfather would take my brother and me to Battleship Cove every year. We had a great time, climbing up and down the ladders and sitting on the AA guns pretending we were in the midst of an attack by enemy aircraft. It was one of the highlights of every summer’s vacation.
A couple of weeks ago, I finally got the chance to go back there when some friends with an interest in history were visiting from out of town.
Admission to the exhibit is a very reasonable $14 (and you can get a $1 off coupon on the website). There are no guided tours, but there are plenty of signs and labels that give some fascinating information about life aboard ship while visitors explore at their own pace.

I took a lot of pictures, so I’m going to do this in two parts. First will be pictures of the USS Lionfish, the USS Joseph P. Kennedy, and the missile corvette Hiddensee (built in the Soviet Union for the East German navy, this ship was eventually sold to the US and operated under a US flag as a navy research vessel).
[more photos]
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