Day Tripper Dispatches

Saddle Up for a Birthday Party!

Winter? Schminter! We’re bundling up and heading out next week to celebrate my daughter’s 9th birthday party at Sweet Meadow Farm in Sherborn (where she and her friend Anna blissfully attended camp last summer). At the farm, owner Patty Michaud starts birthday parties at the barn and kids get to work with ponies, then tack up the horses. Weather permitting, each guest gets to ride and feed the horses. Then everyone heads up to the pet store at the Michauds’ house, where they can observe and handle the guinea pigs, kittens, birds, and other small animals. Finally, guests go upstairs at the farmhouse for a small party which includes a Sweet Meadow gift for the birthday girl. It’s a bit pricey at about $30 per guest, but we are huge fans of Sweet Meadow and the party is a reward for other achievements. (Grownup Alert: Sweet Meadow is also near the Natick Mall if you want to drop off!) When we return to Lillian’s, there will be a movie and “campout” in a tent in the living room. Waffles with strawberries and whipped cream on Saturday morning. Wahoo!

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