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En Garde in Worcester!
Last weekend, we revisited one of our favorite winter indoor destinations – the unique Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester. Worcester steel magnate John Woodman Higgins assembled this one-of-a-kind collection in the early 1900s, and when when his wife kicked the collection out of their house, he erected a stunning steel building to house it!

On weekends, the Higgins offers demonstrations on armor, swordplay and other aspects of medieval life and combat. There’s also a great kids’ zone with a giant chess game and dress-up area, and a several authentic pieces of armor that kids can try on. At kids’ birthday parties, the birthday boy or girl gets to be King or Queen in the Great Hall (for members only). Originally recommended by stained glass artist Dan Maher for one of our early Dispatches. About an hour from Boston but street access in Worcester is tricky; take a good map. Phone 508-853-9697.

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This trip was actually yesterday 2/1 – rewrote the 1/28 posting. Look for photos and exclusive freebies soon! DTD

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