Day Tripper Dispatches

Exploring the "Emerald Necklace"

“We want a ground to which people may easily go when the day’s work is done, and where they may stroll for an hour, seeing, hearing, and feeling nothing of the bustle and jar of the streets where they shall, in effect, find the city put far away from them…” ~ Frederick Law Olmstead, 1870 ~

Late one night I got a phone call from my sister Fran. “So, what are you doing tomorrow,” she said. “I was thinking you should ride up to the city. Some of my art is being showcased at the Thayer Gallery and I thought you might like to see it.” I did want to see the exhibit but I also had a bee in my bonnet. Wednesday was Earth Day 2009 and I wanted to explore “The Emerald Necklace”, a series of parklands surrounding the city of Boston. Over the years I have visited Franklin Park and of course Boston Gardens and the Commons, but I had never explored the rest of the “necklace.” click here for the full photo essay by Elizabeth E.

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